Why you need....ZINC

Zinc is an essential trace mineral naturally present in some foods.   Trace minerals can sometimes be forgotten amongst the more obvious, well-known vitamins and minerals. 

Zinc is needed every day to support and maintain health.  It is needed for healthy cell division and enhance immune function, works as an antioxidant and helps balance hormones.

Zinc deficiency is known to be a major problem globally. It is ranked as the 5th leading risk factor contributing to disease worldwide and can occurs when you don’t consume enough zinc through your diet, or you have problems absorbing zinc due to digestive disorders or poor gut health.

Animal and Sea food have the best bio availability. Plant based zinc foods are less bio available due to their phytate content, so if you are following a plant-based diet it is likely you’ll need to consume 50% more Zinc rich foods so your body can absorb what it needs.

Top Zinc rich foods:
1. Lamb
2. Pumpkin Seeds
3. Hemp Seeds
4. Grass Fed Beef
5. Chickpeas
6. Lentils
7. Cocoa Powder
8. Cashews
9. Kefir
10.Ricotta Cheese

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