3 Brilliant Reasons to Start Using dōTERRA Essential Oils

If you've landed on this post then you're probably wondering what all the fuss is about with dōTERRA essentials oils and WHY they are so different to all others.  I've always been interested in using natural remedies rather than medications to solve any symptoms of ill health, it was part of my upbringing.  My mum always used food, herbs and spices to support and heal whenever my siblings and I were unwell which has obviously made an impression on me and stayed with me into adulthood, especially now that I'm a mother myself.

I had dabbled with using essential oils before in the past, usually for relaxation and to make the room smell nice, but certainly NOT for supporting my health.  It was only when I started studying for my nutrition qualification did I come across independent research that pure essential oils could actually be used in supporting our body systems and in turn support our health and wellbeing. I started looking for an essential oil company that produced pure essentials oils which could be used in this very way, that is when I first found dōTERRA, a global company, but one I had never heard of before!  The more I read and researched dōTERRA and its essential oils the more I wondered why everyone did not know about their essential oils and their charitable missions.

Here are 3 amazing reasons why you should be using dōTERRA essential oils to support your health and wellbeing:

1.  They are 100% safe and natural
dōTERRA essential oils are 100% natural and safe. There is nothing added to the oil or taken away from the oil. They are simply just pure essential oils with no side effects and no addictions. They’re safe for babies, children, adults and the elderly. The Essential Oils are extracts from plants that have amazing health benefits.  A pure oil is about 50-70 times more powerful than herbs. One drop of peppermint essential oil is the equivalent to drinking 28 cups of peppermint tea. So they’re really potent!

dōTERRA essential oils are CPTG standard which stands for Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.  This means dōTERRA essential oils are completely pure and potent. Pure means there are no foreign contaminants or fillers. Potent means that each plant was grown in a part of the world where that plant grows best, resulting in the absolute best chemistry for that plant. When you have the ideal natural chemistry, the essential oil extracted does exactly what you want it to do for your health.

2.   They are more effective than many modern approaches to heath problems 
Our body cells are surrounded by a fatty cell membrane, which is there to protect the cell - keeping the good things in and the bad things out.  Two things that are harmful to our cells are bacteria and viruses.  Bacteria usually form on the outside of the cell and viruses can enter our cells and duplicate the DNA on the inside of our cell.  If you went to the doctor with a bacterial infection, you would be given an antibiotic and after taking the antibiotic for 7-10 days, in most cases, the infection will more than likely clear up - but often creates problems in your gut, hormones, and immune system.

If you had a virus like the cold or flu, you would be told by the doctor to go home, drink water, rest and let it run its course.  The reason why is because most of the modern recommendations are water-based synthetic agents and frequently come with side-effects and addictions. Water and oil don’t mix, so if the recommendation from your doctor is water-based, it will have difficulty in penetrating through the oily cell membrane and stopping the duplication of a virus.

Essential oils are different they are small and lipid soluble, which means they can permeate the cell membrane and provide benefits directly to the cell.  They can work on a cellular level without side-effects or addictions, they can combat bacteria on the outside of the cell AND prevent the duplication of viruses on the inside. That is why essential oils are more effective than the modern approach to health problems.

3.  They are cheaper than traditional medical care
If someone in my family has an ear infection, we rub two drops of lavender and two drops of tea tree oil around their ear and get them to bed.  12 hours later the ear infection is cleared up, it costs me about 25p.  Even if that were to cost you nothing, because you live in a country with free medical care, essential oils are still cheaper because of the cost of petrol or charging your car to go and see the doctor or pharmacy.  Even if you walked to both of those, you would still probably need to take time off from work to see the doctor and taken time to make the appointment all the while you may have been taking painkillers.  This is not even taking into account that the antibiotics and/or painkillers harm your gut health, so you will need to buy extra probiotics for at least two weeks to fix this damage which costs even more money.

We SAVE so much financially because of essential oils not to mention the added benefits to our health in proactively using essential oils. You cannot afford NOT to be using these natural solutions! THAT is why essential oils are cheaper than traditional medical care.

If you would like to start using these AMAZING essential oils for your health and wellbeing, contact me for a free consultation and we can discuss the best way to support your health concerns.

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